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Preventive Maintenance

Published February 10, 2009

Category: Tech

One of our top Country Coach technicians, Brian Vandewalker, has noticed an ugly trend.  On Intrigue, Magna, and Affinity models the dryer vent is separating from the sidewall.  Once this happens it allows water to enter the sidewalls, and then things can turn ugly fast.  The factory originally glued in the vent.  Since the sidewall expands and contracts at a different rate than the ABS plastic on your dryer vent, it works its way loose and can start to allow water in the sidewall.  The fix Brian recommends is to remove the vent, clean everything really good, then use the casting holes on the back side of the dryer vent as mounting holes.  Drill out those casting marks, then screw the vent to the sidewall.  Finish it off with a good sealant and you will be all set.  Next time your having your coach serviced, you may ask to have this dryer vent examined.