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Meet Andrew Steele

Published July 17, 2020

Category: Fun

Last week I noticed this guy pacing the property carrying his cameras literally from coach to coach then doing employee interviews, yikes!  I thought "I need to avoid this guy" and started walking outside versus my showroom shortcut; indeed I am very camera shy.  He finally caught me and I thought "what the hell, lets do it".  A week later after being bombarded with calls, emails, and visitors all saying "we saw the Andrew Steele video!" yes I'm jealous and shocked by the shear volume of customers, some of which have purchased 2-3-4 coaches from me, say "we saw you on the Andrew Steele video Damon!" wait a minute, you watch YouTube?  Wow, I guess they do, to much Waikiki beach sand over my head!  As I am typing this short story, yes, interrupted by yet  another Andrew Steele fan, Claude & CT in Carson City Nevada raving about Andrew Steele.  Go ahead, rub it in...  I learned after a few minutes with Man of Steele that this guy is very genuine and thoroughly enjoys (as Louie, Gary, and I) the amazing history surrounding Country Coach and Junction City Oregon.  Good job Andrew!