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Q. Damon, I have a 2005-42' Affinity. I just arrived at a campground, plugged in, and no AC power. Inverter #1 is froze in the "on" position. Silverleaf house monitor has a solid red light below arrows, and a flashing green light under menu. I have already reset one inverter. Gen will not start from Silverleaf House monitor. I am all done rving, going to sell this piece of XXXX. It always fails at night!

Ted, Turn off house battery disconnect in entry way for a minute.  This will reset the Silverleaf brain.  Ted did this and everything came back on perfect.  Ted went on to say he loves his Affinity, loves rving, and cant wait for the horse show to start. ;-)


This answer would apply to anyone with a Silverleaf House Monitor Panel, found in 2005+ Magna and Affinity models.

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Q. Hi Damon, I have a 2003-36' Allure #30813. Can you tell me what my inverter settings should be? I have a Trace RV 2012 model inverter and an Onan 8.0 QD Gen. Also, I dry camp and use my coach in Colorado all winter unlike most. Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,

 Here we go, they may not be in correct order:


External Shunt:  None

Bat: Capacity:   500amp hours

Bat: Type:  Flooded Lead Acid or AGM depending on what you have.

Max Charge Rate: 100%

Set Shore Power:  30amp

Remote Setup: Personal Preference

LCD Contrast: Personal Preference



Fuel Cut off:   9.5 VDC at 0: SOC

Gen. Start: Auto at 11.5 VDC for lead acid only or 11.8 VDC for AGM & Cold Weather Use on lead acid.

Gen Stop:   Auto on Absorb

Gen Start/Stop Thermostat:   Disabled

Begin Quiet Time: Personal Preference

End Quiet Time: Personal Preference

Select Gen Set: Onan Quiet Diesel

Set Clock: Must do this!


Cold Weather diminish's battery capacity by 30%








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Q. What is the most likely reason my 2004 Inspire will not come up to the travel position. No air leakage, full 120 psi system pressure, the air bags will not inflate. Thanx Jerry

Update by Customer: 

Hi Damon

My problem was the air bags failed to inflate, and after talking with CC Tech Support it was determined to be the 3 way solenoid valve was defective. So with the help of a truck mechanic we manually inflated the air bags by switching a few air lines around and I was able to get to my destination. I ordered the valve from CC and replaced it  and have had no problems since.

I appreciate your input also



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Q. 10-11-08 9:45am Service Call Driving along Hwy 84 in Oregon in a snow storm my HWH Leveling dash light appeared and HWH dash panel went dead. Also noticed ceiling lights no longer work and passenger seat footrest has no power. Mark 06 Allure 42'

First I asked Mark to check his Domestic circuit breaker in the house battery bay, it was good.  That breaker typically does not trip while driving so I realized it was a long shot.  Next as he was walking back into the coach I asked Mark to check his house battery disconnect, thru the phone I heard his propane detector start chirping which confirmed to me it was off.  Turns out there large dog lies under the passenger seat footrest and accidently turned the house power switch off.  I think what really happened is there dog needed to go so he hit the switch, they pulled over, and he got to take care of business.  It worked.

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Q. Is their a way to reduce the bounce in the front suspension when going over certain types of road conditions? Many time's the the front lifts and hits the upper limit stop, the shock can be great enough to shake filings and sawdust out of the ceiling ducts.. Might adding a second or stiffer front shock help.... This problem occurred on my 2007 Intrigue, will the 09 do the same thing... My 2007 was not alone, as a friend with the same model experienced the same condition on the same spots on the road. Kip 09 Intrigue 45'

Your 07 probably had a Koni FSD shock up front which I am not a fan of.  Your 09 will have a Bilstien shock up front.  The other option is to replace them with an adjustable Koni shock.  Purposing or bouncing is most likely caused by weak or bad shocks or in a few cases it could be caused by your ride height being out of adjustment.

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Q. Tried to find out something about paint on the 04 Allure. Any info???? Al 04 Allure 36'

Paint brand and codes can be found on your original warranty box.  If you do not have that anymore, you can call Country Coach service at 800-452-8015 armed with your coach number for the answer.

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Q. When I get up in the morning my Aqua Hot diesel green light is flashing on and the coach is about 10 degrees cooler than where my thermostat is set. Whats going on? John 09 Allure 45'

There is a "flame out" fault happening.  Either the burner needs adjusting or the nozzle is plugged and needs cleaning.

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Q. On my Silverleaf house monitoring system the red light is on and my inverter green light is flashing? Tom 08 Intrigue 45'

Your inverter has a stored fault and needs to be reset.  Silverleaf is always good to call on these type of questions, they can be reached at 888-741-0259

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Q. Does the Intrigue and Magna share the same IFS? Ken 1998 Intrigue 40'

No.  For many years the Allure and Intrigue used Neway brand IFS (2000 thru 2007) and the Magna/Affinity models (2000 thru 2008) use the "Dana Kirkstall" brand.  The Dana front end Utilizes air disc brakes, a 55 degree wheel cut, and has a higher gross axle weight rating.

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Q. Does Country Coach offer a bunk bed model floor plan? Bill 06 Magna 45'

Yes, it has been available since the 2006 model year in the Affinity.  It is 45' long and the floor plan is called a "Silverado Trail".  I have pictures of previous special ordered Silverado Trail Affinity I could e-mail over upon received a request.

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Q. Does Country Coach make a 37' Allure with a tag axle? John 03 Intrigue 32'

Yes, this model debuted for the 2005 model year and is still present today, its called a "Sunset  Bay".

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Q. How far are you from the Country Coach factory? Alex 98 Intrigue 36'

Guaranty RV Center is the original retail sales buidling Bob Lee built when Country Coach sold factory direct years ago.  The plant is about 1 mile away from us.

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Q. How long have you worked for Guaranty RV? Harold No Coach Yet

I started in July of 2002 and its been great.  I love being next to the Country Coach factory, what a great benefit.

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Q. Please explain what the optional "Factory Delivery" entails. Tom 05 Magna 45'

This is an option I highly recommend.  Country Coach has a department that cleans and preps your new coach for delivery.  One of there trained walk thru technicians spends a day or two teaching you all about your new coach and how to operate it properly.  These techs only deliver Country Coach Models so you get a much more thorough orientation of your new coach.  You are at the factory where they are built, there are no excuses, no waiting on parts, everything gets handled.  You also get a starter kit with a new sewer hose, water hose, chemicals, electrical adapters, etc.  There is a newer "Bi-Mart" right next to the campground in case you need anything else.

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Q. What year did Country Coach start using independent front suspension (IFS)? Peter 97 Intrigue 36'

This was introduced during the 2000 model year coach's of the Allure, Intrigue, Magna and Affinity. There area a few 1999 model year Magna's and Affinity's with IFS.

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Q. What kind of heating system would a 2002 Intrigue have? John 99 Allure 40'

Probably the optional Hurricane diesel fired heating system.  A propane furnace would have been standard.  Hurricane heat was a new option in the model year 2000 Intrigue's and was used thru about mid way 2003 model year.

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