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Tank Rinse Modification

Published December 08, 2008

Category: Tech


Hey, hope things are going well and you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving,

Don't know if this will interest Intrigue owners but it makes flushing the tanks a lot easer.

I replaced the hose bib flushes with shut off valves, kept the chrome escutcheons but had to cut off the extensions on rear. Plastic PEX clamps position the valves perfectly in the escutcheons without touching, this was luck. I tapped into the water servicing the outside water valve and spray, prior to service to the coach. I also installed gravity back flow prevention devices to prevent the tank water from contaminating the potable water. This was a lot of work for what it accomplishes but after it's completed it is convenient. Not only convenient but it keeps water from pouring over the telephone and cable connections. I installed a new cover for the telephone and cable connections with individual covers. I installed the cover with hinge down so I can see the connections from above.