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Cummins recall campaign #0904

Published May 09, 2009

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You might want to put this on your website regarding Cummins recall campaign #0904.

I had the unfortunate experience of having Cummins do this fix to our '08 Allure 425 ISL. After driving 800 miles after the work was completed, a high pressure hydraulic line to the radiator fan motor leaked due to the turbo being re-clocked. Reclocking the turbo means they turn it to aim a different direction, in my case after it was turned the outlet piping was placed too close to this hose (picture) and contact was made so it rubbed a hole. All told, the roadside repairs cost $415.00. Since I was close to Salt Lake City decent service was available through COWBOYS RAOADSIDE SERVICE (they will go anywhere in Utah). Had I been out in the hinterland, the cost for repairs would have been far greater!

The loss of 7 gallons of hydraulic fluid made a grand mess of the coach's rear and engine compartment. Hydraulic oil has a bad effect on things like wiring, hoses and other rubbers not specifiaclly compounded to withstand contact. All told, the cost of repairs easily topped $1000, all because of someone's failure to check things. Good advice to anyone owning a motorhome is to check clearances of various components.

To add insult to injury, the village idiot doing the work hacked the bedroom carpet to gain access to the turbo and cut off an approximate 2" piece abutting the washer/dryer tile area to gain his access. As a result, the bedroom carpet may well need to be replaced.