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Trace Inverter -2003 Allure

Published November 26, 2008

Category: Tech

I just did a Q&A on the "Ask Damon" portion of this webiste and thought this would also be good out here on "News". This is for a Trace model RV 2012 in a 2003 Allure #30813.  This is not in any particular order:


External Shunt:  None

Bat: Capacity:   500amp hours

Bat: Type:  Flooded Lead Acid or AGM depending on what you have.

Max Charge Rate: 100%

Set Shore Power:  30amp

Remote Setup: Personal Preference

LCD Contrast: Personal Preference



Fuel Cut off:   9.5 VDC at 0: SOC

Gen. Start: Auto at 11.5 VDC for lead acid only or 11.8 VDC for AGM & Cold Weather Use on lead acid.

Gen Stop:   Auto on Absorb

Gen Start/Stop Thermostat:   Disabled

Begin Quiet Time: Personal Preference

End Quiet Time: Personal Preference

Select Gen Set: Onan Quiet Diesel

Set Clock: Must do this!

**Cold Weather diminish's battery capacity by 30%