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Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Info

Published October 21, 2008

Category: Tech

If your Country Coach is equipped with a Fisher Paykel Dishwasher there is a simple way to lock the drawer closed.  The benefit is while your driving its not slamming open at 120mph heading for your dinette or a cabinet.  I have seen the beautiful hardwood face get split or damaged again and again, thus the article today.  First you need to make sure you have AC power.  Next hold the small round button towards the rear; it has a picture of a key on it.  Hold it down until you hear three audible beeps, each one a bit higher than the previous.  When you hear the 3rd beep release the button and a few seconds later you will here it latch.  Test it by trying to pull it open.  Now your all set to drive.  To unlock your drawer hold the same button down for 2 beeps then let go, again, you should here it unlock.