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Driver Comfort- Intrigue- Magna- Affinity

Published October 08, 2008

Category: Tech

Steve being 6' tall wanted more space; he felt that he just could not get comfortable behind the wheel of his 2008 Magna Donatello.  Steve & Carol already had an appointment at "Davis Cabinets" with Shaun Davis so we all cruised over together.  Upon arriving Steve, Shaun, and I looked over his slide room flange and by feeling around together we decided we could easily trim 2" off the Cherry wood vertical slide out fascia.  Shaun Davis jumped in and removed the decorative blind, wow; we found plenty of space between the decorative blind and the actual HWH hardware (chain), a good 6" minimum.  We did not get into remounting the blind closer to the hardware.  You can push the blind back with the seat a couple of inch's (if needed) with out causing any harm or damage.  Shaun Davis asked an employee to trim off 2" and that was the perfect amount.  We remounted the blind and now the driver's seat slides back "behind" the slide out fascia (pictures attached) for a much more comfortable driver's position.  It was about a 30 minute job which included Carol preparing a chicken dinner with a "dusting" of Cherry wood crust.  I did not stick around for dinner. This modification could be done on other models as well.  I am also adding it to the list of "Rapozo modifications" made prior to delivering a new coach.  I have more pictures of this 2008 Magna, shoot me an e-mail and I will forward them your way.  Some models that come to mind right away, 2006+ Intrigues, 2007+ Magna's, and Affinity's.  The only caution one MUST take is devising some sort of flag to stick on your slide out controls to remind you to move the seat forward prior to extending a slide room.  I can "Guaranty" you the slide out will not stop, your seat and fascia will loose.