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True RV Story

Published October 20, 2007

Category: Fun

Since my news pipeline runs low in the winter I thought I would fill in the voids each month with an amazing but true RV story.  This particular customer is one I could write a book on; this will just be the beginning.

This is the true story of a customer who purchased a new 45' Magna back in 2005, we will refer to this customer as "David" and his wife will be "Molly", which could be their real names. The story begins with David and Molly completing instructions on how there new 45' coach operates during a Country Coach factory delivery and David deciding to park his new coach himself in the factories complementary campground.  

As David was backing up his new coach his wife Molly was on her cell phone, probably sharing the good news about there new motor coach to a family friend and the wonderful salesman they purchased it from.  Like most campgrounds you always have a "good Samaritan" willing to help out, likewise on this day where a gentleman wanting to do his good deed for the day rushed out to the drivers "side" of David's new Magna and started directing him back. David watched him closely thru his driver's side cockpit window while carefully backing up.  From where this man was standing he could not possibly see anything behind David's brand new motor coach, like Steve and Anita safely buckled in there  little SUV...  Somehow David managed to back into the side of the little SUV, putting it up on two wheels, and when he finally decided to glance at his "back-up camera" and could clearly see shear panic on the face of Steve firmly gripping his steering wheel.  Recognizing his mistake David stopped at once and then gently pulled forward placing the little SUV wheels back on earth.  David rushed out to see if everyone was ok, apologized for his mistake, and informed Steve and Anita he would write them a check for all damage done.  Amazingly there was not a blemish on the motor coach as the motor home rear hitch made contact with the driver's side of the SUV's rear bumper.  David swiftly wrote a check for the damages totaling just under $2,000.00 per the estimate. 

During the few days he remained at the factory David started to question the amount in which he wrote the check for, expressing concern that it may have been an "inflated estimate to cover there deductible".  David and Molly left the factory after a few days and made there way out to the Oregon Coast to stay at Pacific Shores Outdoor Resorts for an extended period of time. 

While at Pacific Shores there salesperson was thumbing through the latest issue of Motor home magazine when he noticed a new product on a full page advertisement called the "Sonar King".  The Sonar King is an audible back up alarm system that could be retrofitted to any coach.  This page was carefully cut from the magazine and a note was written to David (with a Sharpie pen in large Font) that read something like this:



 "I saw this advertisement for the Sonar King and immediately thought of you; maybe you can have it added to your new coach?"

"Why don't you learn how to drive a 45' coach before purchasing one?"

"Sincerely, Steve"

"PS. In case you were wondering, I did have my estimate inflated to cover our deductible, thanks!"

This cover sheet and the Sonar King advertisement page were both faxed to David's attention at Pacific Shores, and judging by how fast he called his salesman that faxed must have been ran out to his site.  David was beyond furious and after verbally assaulting Steve with every name in the book said he would be looking up his number and calling Steve to tell him what he thinks of his letter.  Much later in the day after David stewed on the letter a while, his salesman called him and did damage control letting him down easy. David promised revenge, which has not happened yet...

There are still people today that after completing a factory delivery ask "did someone really back into a car putting it up on two wheels immediately after just completing a factory delivery of a new Magna?"

To fully enjoy the following chapters of this customer (yes there will be more) you need to know up front that this 45' Magna is equipped with the optional "Vorad Collision Avoidance System", more to come...