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Mothers Day - Emergency Call

Published May 11, 2008

Category: Tech

Mothers Day started with a morning call from some great customers, Chuck and Denise.  Chuck informed me his slides, all 4,  would not retract.   However its the complete story that sets this one apart.  Chuck says it all started when they were driving to there destination and he was cut off by another vehicle, Denise says "Dont hit the air horns" so Chuck nails the air horns and they stick 'ON".  Eventually they pull over in a truck stop and unplug the air horns.  They arrive at the campground and get the coach leveled (2007 Country Coach Magna) and extend all 4 slide rooms.  All is good until Mothers Day when they decide to depart.  None of the slide rooms would retract.  Chuck checked all the obvious items: Was the park brake set-Yes, did Denise turn off the house battery disconnect- No, Chuck checked all the fuses around and in line to the HWH pump-all good.  Over the course of several phone calls we checked a few more items including the red "slide out" circuit breaker in the battery compartment, the last suggestion I offered was the HWH hydrualic fluid level, bingo, that was it at 3pm we finally recieved slide movement.  It reminded me that most of the times its the little things and had nothign to do with his unplugged air horns.  With most of these coachs having 4 slide rooms today, we need to place "slide out pump fluid level" up there just after engine, trans, and coolant levels.   The HWH pump takes straight hydrualic fluid.  HWH makes there own, which is "clear" so it does not stain if it leaks ;-).  All these coachs have different slide out mechanisms so we need to be sure the rooms are in the proper position before checking fluid levels.  Look in this "news" section for proper slide location or e-mail me.