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Allison Shifter worn out

Published February 02, 2018

Category: Tech

My Allison WTEC2 shifter pad buttons were getting very difficult to work with, I needed to push really hard to select any gear.  I did some research and spoke to our local Allison dealer and eventually decided to try out in Texas.  I spoke to a nice guy name John Kopalek, he explained that the membrane under the pads wear out and they rebuild these all the time.  During the rebuild process they remove the membrane shift pad and circuit board and update both to electronic switches. They offer two services, one is you send your sfhifter in, they rebuid it and ship it back.  The other is for a $150.00 core charge they send you a rebuilt unit up front, you replace it, and then ship back your old one. (which is what I did).  The new shifter arrived and it not only look smuch better but also works very easy.  This service was also a fraction of what Allison sells a new shfter for. Contact John Kopalek down in Texas when your ready!