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Got LP?

Published October 19, 2007

Category: Tech

This is the most popular phone call I get, "Damon, my stove top doesn't work".  If they have a propane refrigerator then it could go either way, stove top or refrigerator doesn't work.  Fridge is typically worse because by the time they realize its no longer working everything has gone bad.  By the time I receive the call they are pretty well spooled up.  Being taught by example over and over to check the obvious first I always ask "is your LP tank valve on?"  The pre-spooled reply is typically "don't you think I would have checked that before I bothered you Damon, of course it's on!"  So the next suggestion is pretty tough to ask, treading lightly I ask "is your propane detector turned on?" - "Damon, who do you think, exhale, of course my propane detector is  -chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp-  Molly, did you turn this propane detector off?!!" Click.