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Vent Me!

Published October 06, 2007

Category: Tech

This is a couple of really smart quick modifications to the AV cabinets, livingroom and bedroom, if your satellite receiver sits on top of the stack (living room)  or by itself (bedroom) .

Remove the AV cabinet door and black facia surround all your components.  Cut out the area of black facia above the satelitte receiver.  If your looking at the facia you have a hole cut for your receiver, simply follow the two existing vertical cuts on each side and go straight up through the top edge.  This creates a vent for the hot air in the top of the AV cabinet to escape.  Next router off the top back horizontal corner of the cabinet door, stay in an inch or two on the ends so you cannot see the cut when viewing the sides of the cabinet door.  By doing this you create a gap between the cabinet door and AV cabinet frame when the door is closed.  If done properly this section of the cabinet door being removed is not visible when the door is closed.  This gap combined with the section of facia removed allows the hot air to escape, or if the fan is running is acts as a cold air return.