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Published October 24, 2009

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During a time when RV dealers and manufacturers are closing up shop or filing bankruptcy, Guaranty RV Center navigates through the brutal market conditions and wins the 2009 Altman award! I cannot tell you how proud I am to work for Guaranty RV Center.  Guaranty was founded in 1966 and is still owned by our founder Herb Nill and 43 years later we are still going strong despite several recissions and obstacles.  Congrats Herb!

High profile motorized and automotive retailer Herb Nill, the veteran head of Guaranty RV in Junction City, Ore., who stepped up to the podium with son Shannon last week to accept the award. Herb Nill founded one of the largest and most well-known dealerships in America, Guaranty RV, in Junction City, Ore. Having put himself through college selling cars, Herb saved $5,000 and borrowed another $5,000 from his father in law in 1966 to buy a Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership, Guaranty Chevrolet, which later split into side-by-side businesses when he added Guaranty RV Center.

Herb and Sally Nill believe strongly in the RV lifestyle and enjoyed many RV adventures in raising their family.

Herb - still quite active in the business - has taken great pride in treating everyone in his life - employees, vendors, and customers alike - with respect and honesty. He's also proud of being a salesman and always believed that good customer and industry relationships were keys to success. Anyone who has had the good fortune of being around Herb in any capacity knows how strongly he believes in those attributes.
And also like Johnny Ketelsen, Herb got his family involved in the business so that today the second-generation of Nills - sons Shannon, Marty & Eric - are building upon the successful foundation that their father set for them.