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Published March 08, 2009

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As we carefully drive through this uncertain economy I want everyone to be very aware of something.  The recent events of Country Coach and Monaco being reorganized could also have a negative effect on many weak dealers, some are already in chapter 11 or 7.  If you purchase a new coach and the manufacturer is not answering the phone, and the dealer quits answering there phone then who you gonna call?  A financially sound dealer is more important now than ever and Guaranty RV Supercenters is very fiscally sound.  We had a great fall and winter seasons selling 128 motor homes in the last 90 days.  These new coach's can be complicated pieces of equipment.  If you have ever visited Guaranty RV you will know that there is very little "flash", no new fancy showrooms, buildings, or campgrounds.  By operating this way the last 44 years, Guaranty has positioned itself well for uncertain times as we have been in the past and are in now.  We are very knowledgeable on the products we sell due to our proximity to the major factories, and we will answer our phones.  There is an added value in that so please keep this in mind while shopping for your next new or pre-owned motor home.

Damon Rapozo