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New Hide-A-Bed Sofa

Published December 15, 2008

Category: News

I know what you're thinking, who cares about a new Hide-A-Bed right?  Well I do because this is a brand new design made for raised or elevated slide out floors!  Most of you have a raised/elevated/or step on the passenger's side living room slide (except 2006+ Intrigue models). Now we have a very nice Hide-A-Bed for you!  Steve Skiller of Countryside Furniture stopped in and told me all about a new sofa manufactured by Flexsteel.  The goal was to design a "Hide-A-Bed" sofa that would work on a raised floor slide.  Most Hide-A-Beds need the cavernous space under the cushions to stow the framing and mattress when not in use, this style can only be done on a flat floor slide.  The new Flexsteel model F4050 does not use a metal frame around the mattress, its all air and completely deflates to stow away.  Steve will "notch" the arm rests (not shown) the same height & length as you slide step, this way the sofa height is perfect.  Looks like a great mattress, excellent idea, and probably a comfortable sofa too!  Please contact Steve Skiller for more information at 1-800-324-6287 or