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Published February 24, 2010

Category: Customer Appreciation

While I have been looking forward to the day I start to sell the children of my customers, we blew past a whole generation here on this sale!  Greg & Jenny are locals from Wilsonville, Oregon and they were looking for an RV to haul there dirt bikes, ATV's, and pull a nice boat-all at the same time.  There grandparents who own a Country Coach said "Call Damon at Guaranty".  This was probably one of the most interesting sales and fun sales I have had in a long time.  Greg & Jenny are younger than me and they both knew more about this Damon Outlaw Toy Hauler than I did.  The hardest part for me was opening the lock box.  This Toy Hauler is built on a Workhorse chassis with 22.5" Alcoa wheels which Greg will keep highly polished.  The rear of this unit has a garage equipped with tie downs, and LCD TV, SS bench/storage cabinet, windows, lights, and a really nice ramp.  It is totally concealed from the RV living quarters. Sitting above the sealed garage is a fixed queen bed, another LCD, storage, and more windows. This bed is accessible via a twisted staircase from the RV living area.  There is an air mattress equipped hide a bed sofa in the front living room along with a 3rd LCD TV.  On the exterior one bay is equipped with an fueling station you can actually draw gasoline from the main fuel tank and use it in the ATV's, Dirt Bikes, etc. It all spells "FUN".


Congrats Greg & Jenny!