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Jimmy Carter gets his first Steelhead

Published August 29, 2007

Category: Family

Jimmy & Jennifer Carter of Montgomery Texas purchased a new 2008-45' Magna during the Redmond FMCA rally. Jimmy is an avid fly fisherman, particularly Bonefish and Tarpin in the Bahamas and Florida Keys. He probably fishs 200 days a year. While in Junction City taking delivery on his new Magna he decided it would be a good time to have some fun and try a little fly fishing. Jimmy located an excellent local guide named Ethan who works out of Caddis fly shop in Eugene and invited me to go along for the day. I will admit this is something I would have never done on my own but I truly had a blast doing it. Ethan started out by giving me a lesson on fly fishing which I have done but not in a drift boat. Together we pulled in about 30 Rainbow Trout, both native and hatchery fish. Hatchery fish have a small fin on towards the rear of there back removed so they are easy to spot. After lunch we preceded on down the river to one of Ethans 5 Steelhead spots. At the 2nd stop and after about 6 casts Jimmy landed a 10 pound ~ 28" long hatchery Steelhead. It put up a fight for around 10 minutes which seemed like an hour. Jimmy would get the fish up near the boat then it would run again, 6 or 7 times before it was tired out and we got her up out of the water. We could have kept it but both decided to let her go for someone else, catch and release. This is something I will definatley do again with my sons and Ethan. Anyone in town taking delivery of a new coach, having warranty or service work done, or just passing through I would highly recommend calling Ethan at 541-554-2303 and going fishing for a day. This is his fulltime job and he guides 6 days a week during the seasons. Congratulations on your first Steelhead Jimmy and thanks for inviting me!