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Published September 05, 2009

Category: Fun

Ed & Elaine quickly saw this beautiful Magna Rembrandt for sale within the first hour it was listed on and placed a deposit on it.  Lucky he did, as another customer of mine wanted it too.  I sold this Magna new and it had an excellent life with only 16,752. miles, so we thought.  Ed & Elaine flew out on Septmeber 1st and met me in our delivery/service area where we have several motor coaches parked.  The first thing Ed said was "Damon, you told me they never towed anything with this Magna"pointing to Dex & Junes 45' Magna with a tow bar hanging out back which happened to be parked kitty corner to the one he placed a deposit on.  I said "Ed, this is your coach over here" and he could not believe it.  "Damon, that's new!" he said.  It's always nice to hear from the customer that you represented something well especially since they flew out from New Jersey, and Ed told me I did just that with this pre-owned 2007 Magna.  We took this Magna for a nice test drive, showed them how everything works, and two days later they were burning fuel heading east.  In Wyoming Ed called me to tell me the mileage was not 16,752 as reported, the odometer was on "Kilometers", it actually had a little over 11,000. miles on it. While they were in town Elaine set me straight on the "House wife's of New Jersey" show when I commented that she could be on that show. While learning how everything works Ed & Elaine got to meet some new friends including Mr. Amtrak Train horns "Dex" and June who also own a 45' Magna.  This just proves there are no limits to the fun you can have and who you might meet while at Guaranty RV Centers!  Congratulations' Ed & Elaine!