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Published March 02, 2009

Category: Fun

Dex & June are the proud new owners of this new 2008-45' Magna Galileo.  Its powered by a 600HP Cummins ISX and we did some interesting modifications on this one!  It had a U-shaped dinette booth and J-sofa, we sent this Magna to Davis cabinets where they replaced the booth and j-sofa with a custom computer desk and traditional dinette with 4 chairs.  I have "before and after" pictures for anyone curious.  We also installed the latest Moto-Sat SLV HD satellite system and a full on Amtrak style 5 horn Train Horn.  We believe it will blow the front roof air shroud and dish right off the roof. 

Update, Dex & June make the cover of the Register Guard!  Link Below:

June and Dex Bodenbach of Menomonee Falls, Wis., were at a Country Coach rally last summer in Iowa when they ordered a 2009 Magna, with an interior custom-­designed to their specifications. They were initially told they could expect to pick up the coach in October, then November, then December. The coach never got built.

Their salesman at Guaranty RV in Junction City, Damon Rapozo, suggested they check out the inventory the dealership had in stock. They found a new 2008 Magna they liked, and arrived by train this week to pick it up.

The Bodenbachs got into the RV lifestyle in the 1970s. Now both in their 70s, they spend about seven months a year on the road, including five months each winter in Florida. The Magna is their third Country Coach, and Dex Bodenbach said he wouldn't buy another brand.

"Nobody builds a better (fiber)glass-sided coach," he said. "From the ground up, this is the best coach built anywhere."

Bodenbach said he didn't hesitate to buy a coach built by a company on the brink of failure, even though he had to buy a third-party warranty through Guaranty. Under a third-party warranty, a company unaffiliated with Country Coach takes financial responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the product warranty.

Country Coach "will come back," he said. "This company has too great a reputation to die a permanent death."

They got financing for the $718,000 rig - which has granite counter tops, cherry cabinets with stained glass, tile floors and two high-­definition flat-screen televisions - through Bank of America. Rapozo, who specializes in selling high-end coaches, said he's not had one customer turned down for credit in the past year, despite tight credit markets. Guaranty has sold 128 motor homes in Oregon and Arizona over the past 90 days - "very good" for the off-season in a recession, Rapozo said.

Bodenbach, a retired business owner, thinks both Monaco and Country Coach have been mismanaged.

"When you run a company, you can't walk around with your head in the clouds," he said.

"This company has too great a reputation to die a permanent death."

- Dex Bodenbach, a country coach owner from Menomonee Falls, Wis.