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Junction City Oregon to Mooresville, NC-The long way....

Published December 04, 2007

Category: Fun

Below is a letter I just received from some customers who purchased a 42' Intrigue Ovation.  They flew out to take delivery with another couple (sister and bro-in law).. 


Hi Damon,

I wanted to give you an update on our trip home. All went well, small concerns but nothing major. We left Junction City on Friday in the rain and didn't see the sun until the following Friday. We stayed just behind the front bringing all the rain and snow across to the east. The girls wanted to see Yellowstone so we went at least 12 hours out of the way up through Portland, Spokane, across the tip of Idaho, into Montana but had to turn south just short of Yellowstone because of snow. It was a beautiful trip but slow going in the snow, and cold, one lane for most of Idaho, Montana. The Country Coach Intrigue did well, kept us warm and didn't leak; trust me, it had its chances. We arrived back in Atlanta on Saturday as scheduled, still speaking to one another, if you can believe it. We planned on spending every other night in a hotel but the air mattress in the hide-a bed sofa slept so well we stayed every night in the Intrigue. After a couple of days we had our routine down pat; could have breakfast, four showers and ready to move out within an hour.

We actually had a great time, Thanksgiving Dinner in a truck stop with microwaved turkey breast; really wasn't bad, moist and tender. The Intrigue performed extremely well. We did learn that the roads out West are much nicer than the East. On the smooth roads it's magic, on the rougher roads it's still a joy to drive.

Thanks for all your help; I know Jerry and Lori are happy with the purchase. Let me know when you're going to be in our area, if it's race season we will treat you to a race. Actually the Perry, Georgia rally is the week following the Atlanta race, if they have it every year during the same week?

Gotta go, see ya, thanks again...WS