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Published November 13, 2007

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Every October we embark on a trip to Pomona California for the 10 day long "California RV Show".  We always stay at the Embassy Suites in Covina, everyone is on a first name basis, its an excellent hotel with large rooms, they have a great breakfast, and numerous other restaurants close bye. 

In 2006 a salesman we will call "Dave" noticed a stray Cat roaming the courtyard.  Dave started feeding this stray Cat, named it Kavika (which is Hawaiian for David) and next thing you know Dave is planning a "feline kidnapping".  Dave first checked with the airlines and learned the rules which were a recent flea bath, declawed, and take some cat-nap medicine for the flight.  During the week Dave purchased all the necessary equipment for his major heist, carrier, food, medicine, etc.  The last day of the show Dave captured Kavika in his room and held him hostage.  Dave complained the Cat kept him up all night, meowing loudly.  The following day he transported Kavika to the local vet for a flea bath and they also gave him a once over and informed Dave that his cat was previously declawed.  This was all the more reason Dave felt compelled to keep this cat, he felt it could not survive oudoors being declawed. The vet also administered the cat-nap medicine since it was within range of our return flight.  Dave and Kavika made it home safely and Kavika certainly loves his new home in Eugene, Oregon, however we could not let the "opportunity" pass us bye...  A few weeks after our return a letter was drafted and mailed to the general manager (who helped draft the letter) Paul:



Dear Mr. Williams,

We hope the Guaranty RV group enjoyed its stay with us once again. On behalf of everyone here at Embassy Suites Covina we would like to say thank you for the loyal business each and every year. 

I am also writing to you for some help, over the last year this hotel has adopted a lost cat named Marsh mellow (or Ninny).   During the last month we have not been able to find Marsh mellow.  You may have seen him roaming the lower level during your stay here.  Any info you may have would be helpful.  My children come by here each day to feed and care for him so they are really heartbroken. We feel he is hiding and protecting himself; therefore he is less likely to be killed by a car, poisoned, or killed by a predator. It can happen, but is less likely to happen than with an outdoor kitty. We have hope and think in terms that he is near bye, very afraid and just either needs time to be brave enough to come back home. Because cat's are territorial, they do not tend to travel too far.  Marsh mellow has left us before, but not for this duration. "Marsh mellow" or "Ninny" is an outdoor friendly cat.  She has not been de-clawed; weighs about 4 lbs. and was wearing her purple snap-off collar with ID Tag. He can be very noisy - verbally, meows loudly. Pet Detectives were able to determine he went west... and most likely still in our neighborhood in someone's home.  They have asked us to contact all the guests that have stayed here in the last 60 days.  If anyone in your organization has any information please ask them to call me anytime.  Thanks for your time with this matter, we look forward to hosting your group in the near future.


Edwin Ramirez

Assistant Manager

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The GM Paul went over the letter with Dave and he offered to call Edwin the hotel manager, clearly Dave was very sad so we let him down easy....  One thing for sure is Dave will return the favor.