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True RV Story II

Published October 30, 2007

Category: Fun



David & Molly thoroughly enjoyed there visit to Newport Oregon's, Outdoor Resorts, Pacific Shores so much they purchased 2 lots there.  They have continued to have extended stays there every summer since 2005.  As mentioned earlier there new Magna is equipped with an option called "Vorad".  Vorad is an $11,000.00 "Collision Avoidance System" which probably leaves you thinking, if this coach has Vorad (plus a back-up camera and a Good Samaritan guiding) how could he possibly back into anything?  The answer is simple; Vorad comes out of the semi-tractor/over the road truck industry.  The system typically is comprised of three components; short range radar's, 2 on the passenger's side and one in front.  Since being added to motor homes some manufacturers have added 2 additional short range radars to the driver's side but nothing in the rear. 

Knowing this every time his salesman speaks with a customer that says they are heading to Pacific Shores, he suggests looking up David and Molly and saying hi.  "I've heard" during that conversation these customers are specifically instructed to a sequence of events that goes something like this:

Customer: Stares at Vorad Radar and asks David " Is that Vorad?"

David: "Anxiously replies, Yes it is"

Customer: "Tell me David, how does that system work when your backing up?"

David: "I see you have met my salesman"