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Letter of Gratitude

Published November 05, 2008

Category: Customer Appreciation

Hi Damon, 

I need to get this email off to you, to express how much  your service above self has meant to Christine and me. You are a great  salesman; the world knows that by your ranking as one of the top Country  Coach salesman numerous times.

However people should know what  you did for us. We called you at 7:45 on a Sunday morning stranded with a  particulate filter problem. We talked to you on and off all day, maybe  10 times and you guided us through various procedures and advised us on  whom to call when we got no help from Coach Net. You helped us with Rick  Garlitz of Cummins who responded quickly and with all the help one  would ever need. You proved that a top salesman doesn't stop at the  sale, but continues on after the closing, something rare in today's  market. If everyone knew, the integrity within which you operate and the  caring you display, well.......I don't know why anyone would buy from  anyone else in the country. You made our decision of living in Orlando  Florida and buying from you in Junction City, Oregon, the best decision  we could have made. Please feel free to share this with anyone of you  choosing, or have them call us. 

Christine joins me in expressing our most sincere gratitude for everything you have done for us.



Bill & Christine

Orlando, Florida